Friday, July 9, 2010

Being A

Imagine A. She watches an episode of Indian Idol on a 17'' monitor on youtube, and not even on full screen on it mind you, and sobs like there is no tomorrow. And no, this was not when Her Bihari got voted out. This was when Rakesh Maini's parents came on stage. And A doesn't even like Rakesh Maini.

Do you think A has lost it beyond hope?

Say yes. Just say yes. Why do you think she is telling the world about it here? Because 'losing it' is probably all she has. Quite an irony, that. No?


DiDo said...

hahaha... happens... :P

Anonymous said...


DI said...

*Rolling my eyes* Maini, seriously? Ok, guilty of crying when a particular girl left 'Splitsvilla' because her BF was sad. But that, I totally blame on PMS! What's your excuse?