Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A quick note of thanks..

What a day I had - all real, yet magical. Loved every minute, except the hours spent at work (but of course!). And the best thing about a weekday celebration is that it doesn't end until the nearest weekend! So yes, I am still celebrating, also because while our wedding was on 8th June, we actually got married only on the 9th. Thanks to big fat Bihari wedding rituals that go on until the wee hours of the morning. Ours went on till 7!

This post however is to thank a special person - Piyu. Her very special post made our day even better. Thanks girl. This was really, really sweet of you! And it's just not me who said it :)

And thank you, the rest of you too! With the kind of wishes that came flowing in yesterday, R and I are very sure we will happily survive each other for many, many years to come, thank you! :)


piyu said...

You are welcome dear :-). I am so glad you had a great day.

I never had a real sister, and you are like a blog-sister to me. So, of course I had to do something on your anniversary.

And have a blast on your weekend celebrations! Go away somwhere (maybe Coorg :-) ) on the weekend.

DI said...

Week long kya, have month long celebrations! It's the perfect weather too :D
Oh, btw, ours was a June wedding too, a monsoon wedding at that!

@Piyu : checked out the post today, too much ho gaya! :D

Tamanna Mishra said...

@Piyu, too much indeed.. Really sweet of you! :)

@DI, when's your anniversary then?

piyu said...

Thanks :P

@DI: When was your anniversary, you didn't mention it!!

Chinkurli said...

oh dayumn. I read your anniversary was on 8th but forgot! Seems like you had a great time. Wish you guys many many many more happy decades together. Hugs!

Tamanna Mishra said...

Thanks Chink! Hugs to you too!