Saturday, June 26, 2010

I am my mom - II

When spending the entire Saturday morning and a huge chunk of the afternoon cleaning the kitchen like a vacuum cleaner on fire and making mental notes of how much Tupperware shopping you need to do, gives you the biggest kick of your Saturday, you know you are your Mom. And there is never going to be any running away from it. Why run when you can just stay. And clean. From having weekend-long arguments with Ma about the amount of time she spent in the plastic dabba section of Big Bazaar to planning Tupperware shopping on a Saturday morning, it has been an interesting ride. Unlikely, but interesting.

Cleaning. Microwaving. And gallons of tea and Ultra and bakar to go with it. And the breeze and the grey clouds, and the possibility of a very beautiful evening. What a lovely Saturday. I am not even kidding :D

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DiDo said...

haha tamz... i go thru the same thing wen mom goes ot my native.. wen she's here i dont even bother looking at the thingss lying around.. but when she's not here... i need to see to it tht everything cleann ...phew...but yep its funn

piyu said...

He he :)

Finding cleaning and household shopping fun :)

How times changes!

DI said...

And you;re were cribbing about a not good weekend! See, you had fun! :D
I love houseold shopping, it gives me an awesome thrill!