Friday, June 18, 2010

Hair raising (?) tale - 2

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Style Behen (ji? It is my style of word play alright?). I am no longer behen ji. At least in terms of hair. Because I finally have what they call a hair style! Hallejullah! Yes, I am excited. You would be too, if you decided to get your already straight hair, straightened and then suddenly you hair got all lazy and lay flat on your head all the time. I have always been plain jane, but this was too much to take even for me.

So it has been decided today. I am style behen. Because someone told me today that I have a style of writing too. I won't mention what she said because I am feeling only moderately narcissistic right now. But it was a compliment that made my day. What? She is someone who knows more about writing than anyone else I know. *gloat gloat*

She is the other lady who totally made my day.


Ms.R. said...

Everytime I used tobe low, I got something done to my hair... I was such a booster. Until my hair was so short I couldn't do much with it :P So style behn, welcome to the other side ;)

piyu said...

Hair cut makeover - Nice :)

Where is the pic ?

DI said...

I am SO going to do something drastic to my hair too! I am bored. And then my hair is in this supid phase where it is turning curly, ugh!

Oh yes, you do have a stlye in writing! I wouldn't read otherwise! :P :P

anamikasureka said...

I recently got a terrible hair cut from Habibs and your post is making me miss my oly hair style :(

Nice blog:)

Tamanna Mishra said...

@Ms R, I know.. Hair cuts are the best way to get rid of monotony. At least short term :D

@Piyu, pic aur yahaan? Kabhi naii! :P Don't have an occasion to click my own pictures.. I will soon. Fir FB par dekh lena :D

@DI, thank you rahega.. :P I love your style way more though!

@Anamika, thanks.. And thanks for visiting. Habib had visited my home town many years ago and had conducted a hair styling workshop. Thanks to my well connected relatives, I managed to get a hair cut in that workshop. And the famous Mr Habib had totally spoiled my hair just a week before class 12 farewell. I have steered clear of his salons ever since :)

austere said...


Tamanna Mishra said...

@Austy, ahem! :D