Monday, June 21, 2010

Celebrity hits

I think I can safely assume that Ajay Devgan read the review I wrote for Rajneeti. How do I know? I got a search engine hit with keywords "Ajay Devgan".

Now who apart from Ajay Devgan himself would go past the 1st page searching for Ajay Devgan of all people? I don't even know which page my blog appears on if you google for Ajay Devgan. I didn't have the patience to go beyond the first page of search results. Don't get me wrong, I like a lot of his characters. But he doesn't seem like the kind of actor anybody would hunt so frantically for, does he?

So yes, I am assuming (read sure) Ajay Devgan read my blog. Mr Devgan, do you like what you see? :P


Nu said...

wow na ? I like Ajay ! And I so wish the thing which you're sure of..I also get to be sure of one day :)

Tamanna Mishra said...

I am not so sure, Nu :-)

DI said...

Hehehe! I had Rahul Dravid as a search item leading to my blog. Hmm, makes me wonder! ;)

I liked Devgan in HDDCS long long ago, abhi I find him boring!

Tamanna Mishra said...

@DI, kuch bhi ho sakta hai! :D

And about Ajay Devgan.. See Rajneeti. He is the only one that's not hamming through the movie, so.. :D

piyu said...

I've not got any interesting search items :(..

Also, Ajay if you are reading this pls to drop by :P

Tammy, He's not that bad, you know ;)

austere said...

I *think* he dropped that last a from his surname, so maybe misspelling it would bring him back?

You think?

Way better than google hits for "why do people self destruct"

Tamanna Mishra said...

@Piyu, he is not I am sure. I quite liked him in Rajneeti. In fact I like him in all multi starrers. Wish the man could stand his ground even in movies that don't have a tonne of hamming stars.

@Austy, :D YOU ACTUALLY GOT A SEARCH ENGINE HIT FOR SELF DESTRUCTION? :O Your writing gives me hope. And I am sure you know who is more credible - Google or me :D

piyu said...

@austy: LOL. I would really like to read your post that was a hit for this one :D

Anonymous said...

Ajay Devgan ... :):)
I like the actor
I love Dravid too..:):)

Are u two listening, I'm a big fan, the next door blog :P