Saturday, May 8, 2010


Got a call from an HR consultant last evening (these calls happen to me ONLY when I am NOT job hunting). For open positions in some Analytics KPO. I said I wasn't exactly looking for a change. And definitely not to a KPO. The consultant was shocked (Bangalore.. Outsourcing.. KPO.. Get?). You ask why? Because an Analytics KPO is for two types - the extremely bright ones and complete fools. Where do I belong? Bang in the middle. Worth it? Totally!

On that note, I also went FB trolling (Errr.. Now that I am back on Facebook and all) after very long today. Oh and the exhibitions continue. So does Facebook PDA. Get a room! Why am I back on FB? Because I missed a few friends and random nonsense conversation with people I share parts of my history with - school mates and college mates and ex colleagues. Some kindred souls. People's travel albums. People's kiddie pictures. My kiddie pictures. Worth it? Totally!

There are so many totally faltu blogs around these days. What are people thinking? It wasn't the same in the good ol' days. Worth it? Not so much! (That's why I used to have a blogroll!)

So. Note to self: Should make better plans for tomorrow so I don't go internet crawling all over again like a loser. On some days, it can get quite annoying.


piyu said...

So did you have a better Sunday? or internet crawling again..

Tamanna Mishra said...

Ha ha! My work lets me go out for reimbursed meals and shopping.. So I had a much better Sunday :))

piyu said...

Wow.. that is one cool job :)