Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Anger management

I lose my temper at the drop of a hat. If you have gone pandal hopping in Dussehra any time in your life, you would have seen at least one image of Durga that resembles me when I am angry. Bloodshot eyes, eyesballs threatening to fall out from where they belong, and constantly THIS close to crying. (some exaggeration there, as if that wasn't obvious :P) Oh and I talk nonsense. I am quite an image when I lose my temper.

Today I saw someone else lose it. Just like that. For no reason. An abusive phone call here, a disgusting email there. The man was out of control. And the saddest part - he had lost control over himself. Of what he was talking. What he was writing on emails.

And this came as a lesson to me. The kind of anger that makes you feel sometimes that you need anger management lessons, is the worst type of vulnerability ever. At least as I look at it. This moment of anger that came from someone else today made me feel smug and comfortable. Because I knew this was a lost cause for them. Nothing else explains this kind of behaviour except having nothing to say calmly and still make sense. And insecurity. Well. I am not going to elaborate on this. I have me quite a few such people in my entire life. I am counting the auto drivers of this city too. They all fall in the same category, one that I am not going to name here because I may be blamed for slotting people again. Guilty as charged!

But the real question is what does that say about my own moments of mad anger? All I am saying is I have learnt my lesson.


piyu said...

I don't lose my cool very easily, but when I do, God!, you should ask P, he has borne the brunt of it many times :P. Can't think straight, I am just angry! And the tears.. they are as free-flowing as Captain Cook :D

Tamanna Mishra said...

Captain Cook! ROFL!! Thanks for reminding me :)

And about the temper.. At least you dont lose it all the time.. All it takes is a 5 min delay in starting the generator during a power cut.. and I am ready to pull every single hair from the building caretaker's head.. And R sits there.. Looking like Gautam Buddha.. Getting worried about the safety of the world around me LOL!

austere said...

I think controlled anger is useful and even necessary.
The few times I've lost my temper I've made myself very clear.