Friday, April 30, 2010

Useless Information

You know bugs? Those irritating, ugly creatures that make their way to tubelights and bulbs around monsoon? For one I don't really understand what purpose they solve in the food chain. Nobody eats them, they don't eat anyone. Anyway that's not the point.

So when you think of bugs, you think agile winged creatures irritating the hell out of you simply by being there, hovering around tubelights and TV and pretty much all other sources of light in the house. At least those are the kind of bugs I have seen all my life. But not in Bangalore. Bugs in Bangalore don't fly even if they have wings. They crawl! Dark black things creeping on wardrobes and crawling around your slippers. And the speed is unbelievable. Even the bugs in Bangalore are lazy!

Why am I doing this "research" on "animals" when everyone I know knows I can just about tolerate all creatures except human beings (except cats of course. Cats I hate.)? Frankly, I don't know. I'll put it down as Friday delirium :P

P.S. My commuting time to work will reduce by one-third starting next week, without even moving out of our little house with orange walls. Company shifting offices to Koramangla.. Which obviously means more food and drinks and work and aaram. And the new office is bang opposite to a company that had offered me a decent role that I chose to give up in favour of better work and more commuting time (and I was almost regretting in the last couple of weeks). The amazing ways in which life just works out for you... It's awesome (errr.. Kaala teeka, touchwood, and all that!) :D


Anonymous said...

Yay! Good for you..

Less commuting time means more time for blogging :D ?

Tamanna Mishra said...

Piyu I am THIS closing to spamming already if you see the frequency of my posts.. Not sure if I would want to do spend anymore time doing this.. LOL! But facebook, yes ;) And just so you know, I am still off it ;)

austere said...

Lizards eat bugs. You don't have? Bheju?

Yep, touchwood and all that.

Koramangala has some nice trees. Also.

Tamanna Mishra said...

Austy, I know.. It does. And it has a Naturals Ice cream outlet.. Yayyy!