Sunday, April 4, 2010

This. Is. Utopia.

Sipping on some good ol' breezer at River Tern Lodge this weekend, gazing at the lush greens around, and the river below, I suddenly had an all encompassing moment of revelation. My life, as I know it right now, is PERFECT. There's nothing more I want from life at this point, and nothing less would do either.

R... Love... Warmth... Camaraderie... Happy parents (FINALLY!)... A job that keeps me on my toes on weekdays and doesn't interfere with my weekends... Freedom... Independence... Attachment... Laughter... Conversation.... A few close friends, not many, who would stand by me, come what may, even if I haven't called them in weeks. Loads of DVDs... And books... And music... And weekend trips. And good food. This is ALL I ever wanted in life. And right now, right here at this moment, I have it all. Like my baby sister would put it, "Touchwood-touchwood-touchwood". :-)

And this sudden "enlightenment" makes me want to be a better person. I don't understand the connect. Or don't I? My heart is swelling with happiness and amazement as I write this today, just like it did when I first realised at River Tern Lodge that This Is Utopia. But I know that where I stand in life right now, all I want for myself is to be a better person. Touchwood.

PS - In hindsight... I sound like I want to improve perfection. God help me, I must be going crazy with happiness :P


austere said...


piyu said...

Wow.. You completely mirror my thoughts :)

*Crossing my fingers*

Tamanna Mishra said...

austy, indeed :)

piyu, it's good to feel like this, isnt it? i know exactly what u mean :)