Friday, April 23, 2010

Orkut got phased out. When will the same happen to FB? And why on earth am I still addicted?

Ok so here's an FB photo caption that TRULY deserves a "WHY????" - 'My hubby with our second car'

Also, women who go live in these gloomy cold countries, thanks to their onsites (and more often than not, their husband's onsites)... How is it that they come back to India after 2 years abroad and seem to have forgotten everything about what they call "the Indian summers"? The dust and heat and all that blaaaah! Ladies, weren't you born and brought up in India and survived Indian summers for 20+x years? Then why on earth are you talking like a firang?

People I tell you! Ma says FB will be a cause for social disaster. Now I don't disagree. It's like everyone has found a platform to showcase something or the other. And most often, it's stupidity/ the money they earn/ both. LOL!


austere said...

FB is just soo showy and exhibitionist that I find myself with nuffing to say.

kya natak hai poora.

orkut had weird people randomly visiting your page which I hated- koi bhi?

Tamanna Mishra said...

I know.. I have been addicted to FB, but getting super pissed off now. Upar se poora extended khandaan.. And people you probably didn't even smile at in college. Thoda overdose ho gaya social networking ka!