Monday, April 19, 2010

If gluttony is sin, shoot me. Now.

It's a Monday morning, and I have the entire week's work piled right in front of me already. And all I can think of is why and how I have been managing to eat like I haven't eaten in my entire life. 14 rosogullas at a Bihari wedding when I was 6 notwithstanding. Here's how the story goes...

We don't eat great food on weekdays, great by box meal standards, but not really awesome. So Saturday was full of samosas and pasta and maalpua and Dairy Milk and Breezer. One needs to indulge once in a while, is what we tell ourselves. Every other day.

And then came Sunday. It started with Onjus Fruit Punch. See when we like something, we tend to overdo it. And it's just juice, just how bad can it be for you? And then came lunch. Box meals are ghar ka khana, but they don't taste like hamaare ghar ka khaana, and I was cooking a colourful meal after ages, so it had to be a big spread. How often do we indulge ourselves anyway? So we ate a 3 course Bihari lunch - nearly all food-colours and food types you can imagine. It was healthy. OK it was as healthy as 2 people eating ALL THAT food can be.

Evening came, and it rained... And the weather was too nice for us to step out of our cozy little balcony. So for the sake of ol' times, we polished off a piece each of nearly everything McDonald's India delivers with 2 and a half Tuborgs each. And then had some rich chocolate ice cream, Vienetta if you really have to know.

Someone count all those calories. But please don't tell me. Someone stop me! Like I just told you, I always seem to justify all this food. But what justification can I give when the next time someone asks me, "Where do you see yourselves in 5 years?" and the only answer I will know is "35 kgs up.. Give or take 5. Fit enough to walk to the neighbourhood Iyengar Bakery." Where am I going? Where's my discipline? Where's Ma? I miss how she used to force papeetas and oats down my throat - so much of it during my Bombay years that I now I almost puke at the sight of that horrible tasting, ugly food. But I miss it now. At least I didn't have guilt trips on otherwise lovely Monday mornings. Nonsense!


piyu said...

Don't beat yourself up on this.. I am sure you'll make up for this over the weekdays eating box-meals..
Make the most of your weekends :D

austere said...

You're a riot!
Arrey bhai, enjoy.

Waise what was all that in the pic?

Tamanna Mishra said...

Piyu, thanks babe :)

Austy, chawal, mixed daal tadka, aalu bhujiya, roti, dhaniya chutney, and sprout salad :P