Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Boardroom Foolishness

I found out a few days back that a multinational bank picks up fresh MBAs with no work experience whatsoever before or after MBA, and makes them AVPs. Errr.. HOW??? And how do they expect these "AVP's" to do what AVPs across the world do? And even if it's only about internal nomenclature, why would anyone in their right minds call an entry level employee by a name that's so far removed from their reality, especially if they are based out of India and not US? The only reason I see is retention using rose tinted glasses.

On an unrelated note, how many resignations does a team lead need to realize that something about the way they are working is seriously flawed? Especially when attrition has been close to 100% in just one year?

And with this starts a new label on the blog, called boardroom foolishness. Just a disclaimer - it has absolutely NOTHING to do with my current place of work (unless specified otherwise). These are just my (often caustic - right, I like to compliment myself once in a while :P) observations of the boardroom culture in the world that we live in, borrowed from the US (which happens to be the case for most IT multinationals these days) or Britain. I sometimes wish we were a little more original. Also, this label is strictly my opinion. So if someone needs to be sued, it's just me, not Google or Blogger :-P


Anonymous said...

I have had experience with such a manager.. in my ex-job.. The entire team was unhappy about him, n fact one of my colleagues specifically gave him bad feedback during exit interview.. But I don't think it changed stuff.. Its really sad :(

austere said...

Power on!