Tuesday, April 13, 2010


... How did the world survive before the glorious days of Excel? :-|
... Why is there such a the thin line between making the client happy, if only in the beginning, and client servicing, that so many of us refuse to see it? (It's really not that thin!)
... Why is common sense so uncommon that it lies unheard and uncared for somewhere on the brink of turning into a superpower? (I can actually imagine poor common sense feeling so left out - thanks to an acquaintance's FB status update for this weird imagery!)

I am going to feed my curiousity (yeah, sure!) on (or with? Too tired to frame this sentence correctly, but I am obsessive and I will still blog, whether my 2 and a half readers bother to read or not) some nice hot Bong dinner followed by Bong rasagullas.

P.S. - Just realised that 2 of the 2 and a half readers are me. At this rate, soon I will have a full 3 people reading the blog. No, I promise. I'm not on anything!


AmitL said...

Interesting questions,Tamanna..specially the excel one-Mr. Gates would also be thrilled.:)
Re. 2.5 readers- who's the 1/2 reader?Someone who doesn't comment?:)Will be back to read more.

austere said...

You could describe the rasogullas.

Oh please do!


S said...

23 followers aur 2 and half readers?
bohot na-insaafi hai !! :P

Tamanna Mishra said...

amit, i really dont know who the other half is.. austy is one full :D

austy, they were awesome! totally yum! :)

S, cest la vie! :)

Ashutosh Sundaram said...

Common sense - :) That, my friend, is what makes me happy and open to learning... I just cant get enough of it in this world...

Tamanna Mishra said...

LOL! in any world.. not just THAT world.. :p

piyu said...

*Drooling* over the rasagullas ..

Tamanna Mishra said...

Piyu, you get better ones in Bombay.. Trust me! :P