Saturday, March 20, 2010

Life... Tell it like it is, Part N

After a very, very long day at work and home...

She: Do all forms of tobacco hit?
He: Ummm... Ya.
She: Gul too?
He: Ummm... Ya. Zzzzz.

10 minutes later..
She: You know... I think the most romantic line I have ever heard is "You are my co ordinate"
He: Sounds like arithmetic.
She: NOOOO!!! It's like "I am here. Now. THIS defines my existence. YOU are my co ordinate"... Know what I mean?
He: Kaun bola ye line?
She: Hum bole.

This place is not quite right for the curious type. Even worse for the hopeless, innovative romantics :P

But that of course was made up for today :)


Sagarika said...

I told Y once "you are my tittle" .. he went like WHAT????? When I explained that tittle is the small dot above the letter i and that is what makes i complete (to interpret i am incomplete without you) .. he looked and said 'you sure baby you not stoned'!!! I tell you men have no intellecutal capacity to understand these nuances! .... Wait let me try your line sometime ;p....

Tamanna Mishra said...

Please do.. And tell me the response you got :D

And I'm going to use your line :P

Sagarika said...

Did it Tamanna - in an extremely sweet way (which is a lot according to my standards!!!) His answer _ "Drama Queen" - and yes I am not doing a blog on this :| !!! Did u try?