Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The connection between your hometown and you is something you can never get over, in spite of the number of years you spend away from it, or whether or not you go there every vacation!

Every time Google Analytics shows a hit from Patna on my blog(s), my heart skips exactly two beats. 1, because it's Mera Patna. The place where I don't need to say words like Aamcha or Namma because I don't really understand them. I understand "Mera". I understand it like I can never understand any other language or any other city, irrespective of whether or not I ever want to go back to live there.

And 2, Patna has people who read blogs. OK in my heart I like to believe I am out to rescue my hometown and make people believe that it is (or will soon be) as modern as many other cities that people keep talking about (Pune for example), with its restaurants and internet penetration and multiplexes that are being built, and of course, Mr Nitish Kumar. But somewhere in my own heart I don't quite believe it enough to convince people around me. But I can see the change. I can feel it. I have people from Patna who read blogs (and mine, that too! :D), and it feels awesome! It may not be related to what I want to believe Patna really is, or where it's getting and how fast. But it's one small drop in the ocean! :)

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Minal said...

hey- am from ranchi! reading through your posts.