Thursday, July 23, 2009

I forgive my well-wishers.
Those doubting Thomases who thought a degree in a course I hated was already not bad enough.

I forgive my lecturers.
For thinking I was "wrong", because I wasn't what they wanted me to be.

I forgive my university.
For the loss of time I didn't deserve.

I forgive the IIMs.
For not taking me in.

I forgive my past.
Only because my present is looking good.

I forgive them all.
Because ...

I am God.

Ha ha! Great news. I have arrived. I just got a call from Hewlett Packard - they offered me a profile I think is going to let me have a lot of fun while I do some serious work. Yes, I CHOSE to stick with engineering even though I hated it. I CHOSE to give up an cushiony IT job to do something I wasn't professionally qualified for. I CHOSE to not do my MBA in a lame B school because I had had enough mediocrity in my life. And I CHOSE to give up yet another cushiony job to get married and be with my husband. I CHOSE to be jobless in recession. I chose to dream. I chose to hope.

I chose not to specialise and have maverick plans and follow them. I chose to not have a concept of a career, but just fun jobs that pay me well.

I made the choices. I chose this life. And I am proud. This is me. :)

Khwabon ki dehleezein,
kadmo ko aab mere, hai chumati

Pehle tha mein peeche
Yeh duniya aab peeche hai ghumathi


Main kya hoon
Main kya yeh batlau
Main woh hun
Jo chahun woh pau
Main khud se hi vaade nibhaun
Main woh hun
Jo chahun woh pau- 2 times

(Ab jana main ne jeena kya hai
Kya hai pura hona khwaab ka
Ab dekhu na woh sochu na woh
Jo bhi yahan na ho khwaab sa) — 2
Hai chaun main ab to savere
Hai hatoon mein ab waqt mere
Main uncha irradon se jau

Main woh hun
Jo chahun woh pau
Main khud se hi vaade nibhaun
Main woh hun
Jo chahun woh pau
Jo chahun woh pau

Khwabon ki dehleezein,
kadmo ko ab mere, hai chumati

- Main Kya Hoon, Artiste - KK, Album - Love Aaj Kal

On an aside, we are one of the DINKs now. The fun has just begun ;)

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