Friday, January 9, 2009

There is a moment before a shape
hardens, a color sets.
Before the fixative or heat of   kiln.
The letter might still be taken
from the mailbox.
The hand held back by the elbow,
the word kept between the larynx pulse
and the amplifying drum-skin of the room’s air.
The thorax of an ant is not as narrow.
The green coat on old copper weighs more.
Yet something slips through it —
looks around,
sets out in the new direction, for other lands.
Not into exile, not into hope. Simply changed.
As a sandy track-rut changes when called a Silk Road:
it cannot be after turned back from.

-- The Decision, Jane Hirshfield

This poem couldn't have had better timing... Welcome me back, folks!

If you think the link to this blog is not "Very Me", well... It's not really "me". But it's a part of me that I like very much. Cryptic? Well, when was I not? ;)

A close friend told me recently that this is the most "settled" I have sounded in a long, long time. Of course it is. It's nice to feel the way I am these days. It's a nice kind of certainty... An amazing feeling of comfort, of happiness, of being understood. And it's amazing to feel this way and know that a lot of people you really care for feel this way too, weird anti-marriage campaigners who don't quite know a good time to "express their views", not withstanding. It's easy to be scared, because this is unknown territory. But is it, really? And to add to it is the conviction that it's good. The Law Of Attraction at its very best!

A lot of my older blogs have started on an amazingly positive note and have gone down the drain as "catharsis" but this time around I have a feeling that this will stay, thanks to 26 years of existence and some learning I have done in the last few.

Yes, it feels good to let go... To give in. And when the practical thing to do (in this case, give up your stupid warped ideas about marriage and relationships... LOL) also makes you amazingly happy and finds you a friend for life and it's something you actually look forward to, you know you're doing good.

Peaceful, easy feeling... That's what it is.



!!!..ThAkUr'S...!!! said...

hey sumi di.. hw r u?? read ur comment on my blog.. sry.. its been almost a yr since i blogged.. jst opened 2day and saw.. thank u so much..
i liked ur post.. nice one.. hope i gt 2 read ur posts more often!!

Tamanna said...

hey pranav,

i have been blogging since 2003.. this is a new blog.. and prolly the 10th one i have had in the last 6 yrs!! :)

rest assured, am going to be a frequent blogger.. lol!

swati said...

I liked the "The Law Of Attraction at its very best!" among the rest....!!!
I m happy for you.. :)